Discoveries concerning physics, science & chemistry

Since there are still many things wrong about how we interact with our planet, U.F.O.P.S. CEO Silvan de Smit has done a considerable amount of research and calculation that has led him to discover useful and advanced methods to work in alignment with the laws of nature and not going against it, which is causing considerable (but for most unnoticeable) damage.

In this blogpost, his discoveries will not be published quite yet, since it might stir things up politically, and cause unrest in society. Groundwork is being done, through preparing extensive scientific proof and support from fellow scientist, in order for the discoveries to be well received.

“It's important that advanced discoveries, based on simplistic concepts, propel humanity forward instead of using an ever increasing amount of force to show our dominance as a species.”

Discoveries, as stated, will hopefully be published in noteworthy journals in order for humanity to gain awareness, during Q4 of 2022.

Common Sense

It is inherently not a problem to challenge existing theories and believes about our current understanding of the universe and the basic principles of physics and how we tend approach nature. We've only gone into space, as a species, for around 60 years now, whilst the planet has been evolving for many billions of years. Stay critical and be concerned if something seems ''off''. Society was after all created by humans that are no smarter than you are.

Positivity has to remain, in order for the discoveries to be accepted and not cause mayhem or even a civil war. There simply isn't a manual laying around somewhere of how we should move forward, it's about autonomous human beings gently adjusting our course forward - in the right direction.