Near Earth Object scanner, live tracking / docs

The creation and deployment of a non-invasive scanner, to alarm earth's inhabitants for potential threats is one of our first and primary missions. In the scenario where other systems are failing or merely not at the right position to observe the threats, our system could fill the gap and complement the existing equipment.

Our goal is to create a 24/7 live-stream that is accessible for everyone and is driven by AI, in order to detect potential hazards.

Deployment Into Orbit

“The full potential of kinetic energy and hydrogen-based propellants has yet to be immersed in spaceflight, the same goes for fully leveraging gravitational forces and anti-gravity technology - through advanced nuclear physics.”

Our company is currently in the process of doing diligent research to constructing several zero-emission vessels for non-harmful travel into space, as well as partnering with like-minded firms. It is not only about the technology, but also about the location of where the launches should take place, in order to preserve the planet - especially when now that space-travel is becoming popular, and the frequency of launches is only increasing.

Advanced Observations

Our goal is to launch an advanced satellite/scanner in Q4 of 2022, in order to effectively measure the impact of upcoming rocket launches and the potential harm on the earths atmosphere and electromagnetic field. Everyone is in a hurry, in order to safe humanity or gain prestige, yet caution and science-driven empirical data are not to be neglected.


“We have only gone into space as a species, for roughly 60 years, whilst the planet has been evolving for many billions of years. The current approach might cause irreversible damage in the long run.”

Traditional rockets, used by renowned companies, use toxic fuels such a aluminium and ammonium perchlorate, which have proven to be extremely harmful to living organisms.

Scanner Technology & AI

Our satellite will be equipped with advanced deep-learning software, in order for automated warnings to take place, to potentially prevent disasters from happening.