Planetary Defence Alternatives

Currently, to avoid another extinction event from happening, traditional arms are used to destroy or change the course of harmful objects that might clash into earth. These shock-waves can potentially harm the electromagnetic field in our solar system.

Our goal is not to discredit the current agencies and companies that are spending their best effort to protect and inform us, but to do more research and to assist and collaborate with all parties.

Thinking Long-Term

“It might after all have been useful that we've developed nuclear weapons and atomic bombs, since they might someday protect us against foreign, non-earth, threats.”

Although this statement, whose name shall not be showed here, is correct, it is fairly obvious that large shock-waves can cause disturbances on levels we can't even observe yet.

Creative Solutions

For complex problems as these, it is necessary to have a full-time research team to be working on creative solutions, in order to avoid electromagnetic and other types of disturbances or imbalances that might negatively effect us and other intelligent civilizations. Please do send us an e-mail if you want to collaborate with us on solving issues like these.

For Example

“A hook-and-pull system, without even having to destroy objects that may appear to be very dangerous. Harmless course-correction is what we're aiming for.”

Using a powerful radar system, it is possible to detect radio signals reflected by nearby celestial bodies, such as the moon, nearby planets, some asteroids and comets, and Jupiter's larger moons. Being aware of the threats is the first step. There are still many (small size) collisions with earth that are not getting enough attention, but face a serious threat to inhabitants of earth.

Get Inspired

Intelligent innovation is necessary to maintain a healthy planetary environment whilst conquering the obstacles to ensure the preservation of human consciousness.