Starship Factory

With the current rate of development, faster-than-light travel might be possible in the near future. Keeping this in mind, we can start constructing a spaceship and add the advanced propulsion system at a later stage.

It wouldn't be wise to construct a massive spaceship on earth itself, which would require many high-powered rockets to actually send it into space. Our proposal is to create a spaceship-factory in space. This will probably not happen in earths orbit, but closer to or on the lunar surface. The gravitational pull on the moon is considerably less, which would be preferable when building a spaceship and sending it out into space.

“A combination of highly advanced programmable droids and 3D printers, would be the core foundation of the spaceship-factory.”

There's no direct benefit to send living beings to such a harsh environment in order for the vessel to be created. The spaceship eventually being controlled from earth, with robots inside the vessel, would be a perfect testing place before using it for living organisms to travel with.

Harmful Radiation

Caution and safety are key pillars in the missions of U.F.O.P.S. and connected companies, since every single life is precious and unique.

Before we can effectively protect ourselves against cosmic radiation and corrosive space-dust, our missions will not include living organisms, but solely artificially created intelligent robots.